The projects we support in striving for a sustainable future

The Textile Importers have chosen to support two important projects which are driving sustainability efforts in the textile industry:  STWI and Mistra Future Fashion.

Efficient use of water

Since 2010, the Sweden Textile Water Initiative (STWI), of which companies throughout the Nordic region can become members, has been examining the role played by water in textile production. Around thirty members have tackled this challenge together by developing guidelines related to water, chemicals and electricity consumption in the textile and leather production process. Their maxim is that companies, by adopting a common approach, can push for global change in terms of sustainable textile and leather production.

Since 2013, STWI have been providing factory personnel in manufacturing countries with resource efficiency training. Although this was initially confined to India, since 2015 it has been extended to China, Bangladesh, Turkey and Ethiopia – with positive results. Last year, 2.5 million cubic metres of water were saved, which is equivalent to four times the volume of Stockholm’s Globe Arena or the annual water consumption of over five hundred Indian families. These factories generated a return of over 89% on the rather small-scale investments made in the first year.

The Textile Importers support STWI so as to be able to help member companies come to grips and deal with environmental challenges in this concrete fashion. As a result of the extended annual accounts legislation, which from 2017 contains requirements for reporting sustainability work, more companies will need to report their efforts in this area. As members of STWI, companies receive measurable results to include in their reports.

The Sweden Textile Water Initiative welcomes more companies becoming members. Any questions for STWI will gladly be answered by Elin Weyler, Network Manager STWI, SIWI: Contact details?

Research into sustainable fashion

Mistra Future Fashion is one of the world’s largest sustainable fashion research programmes. The organisation is growing steadily and many partners are already involved. Recent additions include Nudie Jeans, Swedish Stockings and Sveriges Konsumenter, these joining backers such as H&M, Filippa K, Houdini, KappAhl, I:Co and Lindex.

The programme highlights strategic design as being key to the development of a circular process in which planning for the usage and recycling of a garment is carried out, even during the design stage. It investigates how long a garment is expected to last, how this then affects the choice of materials and production and also what distinguishes ‘fast’ and ‘slow fashion’.

Included in this are new business models in which the use of garments is to be maximised through the offering of rental, pre-owned, vintage or sharing services. They also investigate what can actually be said to be sustainable – that is to say, which fibres and techniques?  In order for the process to be considered circular, recycling must be carried out on site. For more information about the programme, and @mistrafashion.

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