About membership

Any company in the Nordic region which trades in textiles, leather goods, clothing or shoes and which either wholly or partly bases its business on such trade may become a member of the Textile Importers.

As a member you will receive:

  • Newsletters and notices about everything going on in our industry.
  • Help with issues to do with chemicals, the environment, customs and labelling, for example.
  • Invitations to our free seminars, numbering approximately six per year.
  • The option to buy our Chemicals Guide at a greatly reduced price.
  • Use of our Labelling Guide at no cost whatsoever.
  • Regular opportunities to meet colleagues in the same industry and exchange knowledge and experience.

Textile Importers membership costs

Annual fee – SEK 200

(not deductible for the purposes of member companies’ tax declarations)

Service fee

(deductible for the purposes of member companies’ tax declarations)

Calculated on the basis of total turnover (excl. VAT) from the sale of textiles, gloves and shoes in the Nordic country in which the company primarily operates – that is to say, the invoiced (equivalent) value in the previous calendar or financial year.

turnoverService fee
Less than SEK 5 million SEK 2.600
SEK 5 million-15 millionSEK 5.300
SEK 15 million-25 millionSEK 7.000
SEK 25 million-50 millionSEK 10.500
SEK 50 million-100 millionSEK 14.100
SEK 100 million-250 millionSEK 17.500
SEK 250 million-500 million SEK 26.000
SEK 500 million or moreSEK 35.000

The service fee is invoiced twice a year – in February and September. The annual fee of SEK 200 is added to the February invoice.

Application form

Download the application form here. You are required to take note of our statutes and approve them when signing up for membership. Completed application forms may be scanned and emailed to us.

Postal adress:
Kronhusgatan 11
411 05 Göteborg

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