The Chemicals Guide

Anyone with the slightest understanding of REACH appreciates that it is a jungle of demands, authorisations and limitations. We have therefore, together with Swerea IVF, developed a Chemicals Guide to make it easier for you as an importer.

In fact, we were several years ahead of the EU in doing so. This is continually updated, and we have a service and support agreement with Swerea IVF which helps us answer basic questions about chemicals and the environment, all of which is included in Textile Importers membership.

For more in-depth support when it comes to issues with chemicals, we recommend membership of Swerea IVF’s Chemicals Group,

The Chemicals Guide costs SEK 4,500 for Textile Importers members and SEK 6,900 for non-members. For members of either the Textile Importers or the Chemicals Group, all updates to the guide are included free of charge. The Chemicals Guide is available in English and Chinese, with more languages on the way.

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