Sustainability – important and complex

Increasing demands are being placed on companies to have regard for sustainability issues in the production of textiles – from raw material to finished product. Public authorities, business partners and consumers all want to know which sustainable initiatives and activities businesses are engaged in.

According to the REACH (European chemicals legislation) framework, you should, for example, be able to provide information about any hazardous chemical content in your products. Issues related to the origins of a raw material, handling of chemicals in the manufacture of materials or working conditions in factories are therefore highly relevant to anyone engaged in any form of textile trade.

Questions such as what a particular company should focus on and how it can fulfil its obligations are, however, both difficult and complex. These days, there are more eco-labels, initiatives and standards than ever before, all of which can contribute to businesses achieving better control over their supply chain. But which of these should you choose, and how do you work with them? The Textile Importers help you gain a better understanding of these concepts. Via newsletters, seminars and our advisory service, we provide information about how you can proceed with your company’s sustainability work.

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