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Our Chemicals Guide

Chemicals are required for all types of textile production. The challenge lies in avoiding the harmful and toxic chemicals that adversely affect humans, animals and our natural surroundings.

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Our Labelling Guide

Since product labelling can be a complicated process, the aim of this guide is to make it as easy as possible to label goods according to the rules which apply to each country.

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Become a member

Any company in the Nordic region which trades in textiles, leather goods, clothing or shoes can become a Textile Importers member.

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Safety tips for those travelling to high-risk countries

Here we offer a summary of the risks you might incur, as well as the safety measures you yourself can take both before and during your journey.

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Sustainability – important and complex

Increasing demands are being placed on companies to have regard for sustainability issues in the production of textiles – from raw material to finished product.

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The projects we support in striving for a sustainable future

The Textile Importers have chosen to support two important projects which are driving sustainability efforts in the textile industry: STWI and Mistra Future Fashion.

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Our efforts make a difference

Trade policy issues are important in our members’ everyday lives both now and in the future. Political decisions on, for example, trade, climate and transport issues affect business conditions.

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